Oral Cancer Exam

Get Your Oral Cancer Exam at Friedman Family Dental

Early detection of oral cancer is very important for recovery. There are about 45,780 estimated new cases of oral cancer in 2015 (source: www.cancer.org). If you are worried about oral cancer in your life and you live in or near Glendale, NY, call our office today. At your appointment, Dr. Friedman can screen you for oral cancer and provide treatment options if needed. Get your oral cancer screening today at Friedman Family Dental.

It is important to realize that it is possible to have oral cancer even if you don’t smoke cigarettes or use tobacco products. Also, do you know that men are about twice as likely as women to get oral cancer (with men over 50 years old at the highest risk)?

It is true. Keep an eye out for symptoms and get screened by your dentist on a routine basis.

Symptoms of Oral Cancer Can Include:

  • sores that bleed and won’t go away
  • mouth pain
  • red or white patches in the mouth
  • throat problems

Important to note is the fact that you can have oral cancer without showing any symptoms. So even if you don’t have any of the symptoms mentioned above, it is important to get screened on a routine basis.